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IPad Apps Help Those With Autism

Dr. Joshua Fouts presented a comprehenshive talk to the Autism Society on iPad applications that are used in Applied Behavior Analysis to help those with autism.
In his talk on March 3, 2012, Dr. Fouts described how the apps can be used to address areas of delays or missing development or to overcome barriers to learning.
The presentation included a listing of applications for such challenges as communication and getting ready in the morning. 

See a list of iPad apps to address ABA goals here.

See a list of free autism-related and educational apps here.

See a list of starter apps for young children using the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad here.

One of the books on apps is Apps for Autism, available on Amazon.com. Dr. William Bolman, ASH president, compiled this list of books on autism apps that he found on Amazon.

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